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The Growing You

The Growing You

The Creator Writings

Channel: Jennifer Farley 

Posted on April 22, 2024
Are you ready to have a peaceful life? Are you ready to set aside the chaos and drama created and participated in it daily? Are you ready to release taking things that were not intended for you personally? 

You, my dear child, have always been a kind and loving soul, why not finally release the last vestiges of who you were and step into the growing you! Trust The Universe to help you, it will be well worth it.
The Creator

Saved by the Truth Bell

Saved by the Truth Bell

Thought Adjuster

Is The Teacher

Message received by Anyas

Posted on April 22, 2024

Oregon, USA, June 8, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Truth, the most precious of commodities, is often perceived as a great inconvenience. Why is it so? Because the self-righteous and prideful ego suffers a substantial blow when driven into a corner by a preponderance of the evidence. It then reluctantly admits to an error in discernment. Such an insecure ego feels cheated, as it squandered precious life force to implement an unsustainable credo. The appropriate reaction should be a celebratory one, as the truth disclosure revealed as unsafe some of the supporting elements of your mental scaffolding. It is then preconized to take emergency measures to replace them with higher-grade building materials, thus averting potential personal or public disasters.

It is undoubtedly disheartening for a sincere soul to admit that despite the best of intentions, it could have inadvertently caused terrible outcomes. What happens after it recovers from its initial disappointment? Is it humiliated by the undeniable truth disclosure, doing its best to save face? Or does it welcome the revelation with a sentiment of grateful relief, happy to have cleared some misconceptions that were hampering its spiritual progress?

Jesus praised the liberating powers of truth, admonishing to dispense it tactfully and cautiously, rather than brazenly lording it over others and crushing their spirit.

Suppose you were diagnosed as suffering from a terminal disease, which put you in an emotional state of fear and anxiety. It would be wise to solicit a second opinion from an independent party. Additional tests may disprove the initial diagnosis. Wouldn’t it be fantastic news — of the cork-popping type?

Any divulgation of truth is excellent news, as it is part of a much-needed personal and world-wide correction course. As long as some souls remain allegiant to the usurped authority of lies and deceptions, the world will not be fully engaged on the right path.

The clarity of revealed truth should spur you to reinvest your life force wisely — a productive move, no matter how late in life it occurs. What is fertilized by truth produces positive outcomes that drive you to your knees in heartfelt gratitude, letting out sighs of relief for having been saved by the truth bell — instead of fooled by what merely ‘rings' true.”


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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 


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    Adjusting to New Inner Workings

    Adjusting to New Inner Workings

    Life Tapestry Creations
    Channel: Brenda Hoffman

    Posted on April 22, 2024


    Dear Ones,

    Perhaps you fear joy can never be prominent in your life, that what you feel now is all there is. You are reverting to 3D fears that are no longer part of your world.

    You might also feel lopsided or uncomfortable because you continue to shed what was and are not yet comfortable with what is becoming. It is like upgrading your computer software. Even though you soon adjust to the new capabilities, initially, an upgrade tends to feel unwieldy and uncomfortable.

    You are in the awkward stages of adjusting to your new being with all the ramifications such a leap into the new entails. The same is true for all who wish to evolve, so interactions are not as simple or loving as you expect, encouraging feelings of loneliness. And if you live alone, you feel isolated even with your computers, books, nature, and television. You are in the 3D teen stage: “No one understands me, and no one likes me.”

    Perhaps this message makes you angry. Where is the joy the Universes dangled in front of you for months or years? When does this shifting stop long enough for you to feel more than a few minutes of joy?

    Just as was true for the progression of inner security created with 3D aging, this shift from 3D adult to new you is a process.

    You have all the necessary inner workings. It is now a matter of adjusting to those inner shifts.

    Some of you will or have adjusted more rapidly than others – as was true when you were a teenager. So some of you feel/seem very much like a new you adult while others struggle to become more mature. Please remember that those who seemed so mature when you struggled with your 3D teen maturity spurt were not that different from you once you fully accessed your personhood. So it is now. This is a short race – not of years or decades, but weeks and months. The earth does not have or need years to evolve, as was true when you were a teen trying to negotiate your entrance into adulthood.

    Granted, much of your time before transitioning seemed to be clearing, and your current feelings seem so similar. The difference is that your 3D clearings were about letting go of pieces of your former earth lives that affected your transition. You have transitioned. Now, you are positioning and repositioning your new skills and interests—a task that requires as much energy as your 3D teen shifts.

    So you feel as if you are in the midst of a never-ending adjustment, forgetting everything you achieved and worrying that your joy will never return or appear. Like buyer’s remorse after moving from one home to another with thoughts of “I knew where everything was in my former home, and now I can’t find anything” and on and on, comparing your former environment to the new environment that feels all wrong even though it better suites your needs.

    You are part of the new, never a comfortable position initially, even though it is growth or a shift for the better. Allow yourself to adjust to this new you, including accepting the learning curve, which is a natural process from the comfortable to the new.

    You are in the right place internally, as is everyone who has transitioned. Stop trying to force yourself into joy and out of discomfort or fear. You are evolving not just from one 3D stage to another but from one being to another. Your internal being is no longer your 3D being, as is true for all who have transitioned.

    You are trying to find your center and beingness while negating what was.

    Even though you might feel you have failed or your struggles to shift the earth and yourself from 3D to beyond have been for naught, you are a new being trying to find your place in a confusing world. Many have transitioned, but there are still a number who remain staunchly in 3D, expecting you and others to support them. This is similar to a younger sibling becoming angry or confused when their older sibling displays teen angst.

    Just as was true during your 3D teen angst stage, you do not necessarily understand logically why you need to say, do, or feel something. You just know this is who you are or are becoming. Allow yourself to flow into your new being and allow the same for others – without fear, rancor, or anger. What was is no more.
    So be it. 
    Brenda Hoffman
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    Fake US government buys a week of time with bitcoin fraud and by stealing Russian assets

    Fake US government buys a week of time with bitcoin fraud and by stealing Russian assets

    By Benjamin Fulford

    Sample of Geo-Political Report of April 22, 2024

    full will be Posted on April 25, 2024

    Posted today by Edward Morgan


    The pedo-blackmailed and bribed acting troupe that pretends to be the US government just bought itself a little more than a week’s survival time by means of outright crime. The Rothschild/Rockefeller owners of the US Corporation did this by fooling many people with real money to invest in a hallucination of their creation known as Bitcoin. They also stole money Russia earned by selling real products such as gas and oil. However, since the US corporation is burning through a trillion dollars every hundred days, it means the $95 billion bribery bill they just passed only bought them a little over a week of time.

    House Speaker Mike Johnson, the traitor who passed the bill is a brainwashed Christian Zionist completely comprised by the KM Deep State. Johnson is now finished politically as are the rest of the Satanists’ slave politicians.

    Video Player

    Video Player

    The problem with the Satanists is that while they are the best liars in the world, lies do not reflect reality. The reality is that, in the physical world of things and people, the tide has turned and their central bank fraud is ending. This chart showing Chinese US government bond sales are causing US interest rates to rise and the US real economy to implode is an illustration of that. The Chinese make money by selling real things and have pulled the plug. This is draining the lie-based US swamp. As the money drains away, more and more big lies are being exposed.

    Take NASA (Not A Space Agency) as an example. NASA in Hebrew means “to deceive.” The evidence is now overwhelming that NASA is a giant con job. NASA is a $26 billion per year fraud supported by murder and bribery. Here are some examples: In the first picture you can see astronauts on the moon without oxygen masks.

    In the next you can see NASA took a picture from a landscape in Bulgaria, turned it red and called it Mars.



    The 1976 movie Capricorn One linked below is almost certainly based on a true story of an astronaut who exposed the fraud of moon travel and led to the end of “manned trips to the moon.”

    Other frauds continue though. The war in Ukraine and the so-called fighting between Iran and Israel are cases in point. The $60 billion the KM plans to “send to Ukraine” will be mostly spent on buying stockpiles of old weapons to send to the synagogues there for resale on the world’s arms markets, according to Russian FSB sources. “It is about provoking Ukraine into further hostilities down to the last Ukrainian, putting guaranteed money in the pockets of the US,” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

    The $28 billion of money for Israel is being spent on bribes as well as such things as the provably fake recent Israeli “missile attack” on Iran.

    Video Player

    Video Player

    The $9 billion sent to Taiwan is being spent mostly on bio-weapons operations in Taiwan intended to kill off a large percentage of China’s population. That is why China hasn’t released death and cremation data since the massive COVID-19 outbreak in December 2022 when the CCP suddenly abandoned all restrictions. In a sign the attack is really severe, developers in China have created and begun testing cadaver collecting machines.

    Video Player

    The Chinese are fighting back. They have already kicked the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers out of their financial system. That is why the days of million-dollar analyst jobs in the securities industry in China look to be all but gone. They can’t get the big paychecks because the owners of the stock markets no longer control China’s economy.

    China is also making big military moves. This week over 180 high-level naval representatives from 29 countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Chile, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the US, Pakistan and the UK are gathering in China to coordinate the ongoing international takedown of the Khazarian mafia. Think about it, the Russian, Chinese, UK and US navies etc. are all cooperating against a common enemy.

    This is why the attempts to use Iran and Israel to start World War III failed miserably.

    Instead, a decapitation operation against the KM is continuing. We have confirmed that Klaus Schwab Rothschild, the head of the World Economic Forum and the UN has been removed as part of this battle. The other people targeted for termination include...>+ on this 2024/Apr/25


    Benjamin Fulford

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    Sunday, April 21, 2024

    This is the Place You Are All Moving Towards

    This is the Place You Are All Moving Towards

    The 9D Arcturian Council 

    Channeled by Daniel Scranton

    Posted on April 21, 2024

    This is the Place You Are All Moving Towards - The 9D Arcturian Council - channeled by daniel scranton

    Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

    We do not require anything of you, and yet you ask the world of yourselves. You ask yourselves to be everything that everyone else needs you to be, and you ask yourselves to clean up all of your ‘bad karma’ from other lives. You ask yourselves to do the impossible and be perfect so that you may ascend into a higher dimension. We suggest that you all take it easy on yourselves. See yourselves as being perfect already, and see yourselves as being on a journey.

    It is a journey where at times you will swerve off the road, and at times you will try to avoid a pothole and hit it anyway. It is a journey where a little critter might run out in front of your car and get squashed. In other words, no matter how hard you try, you are not going to have a perfect journey, and you will not always do what is expected of you by others. You will not be able to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings from time to time. These things happen, and they are meant to happen because you are not there to have a perfect journey by your standards or anyone else’s.

    You are there to grow from the imperfections. You are there to get closer to one another because of your fights, your disagreements, and your struggles to get along. You are there to once and for all give up the idea that you are supposed to be something other than what you are. And when you can accept yourselves as you are, you can accept everyone else as well. You can let everyone else off the hook for not being perfect as well. You don’t have to condemn, judge, and jail everyone who has committed some sort of offense, because you all get to make your mistakes. You all get to have your bad days, and when you see them as opportunities to release something or forgive something, then you’re starting to get it. 

    When you see everything as perfect as it is, even though it might look like a mess, then you are starting to see the world and each other as we see you. Those of us in the higher realms want you to know that your journeys are perfect as they are, and that you were meant to slip up at times so that you could forgive yourselves. You are meant to not have all the answers so that you can ask for help and receive it. It is important for you all to be exactly who you are, because you are a puzzle piece that is completing the puzzle of this universe, and you are also completing the puzzle that is Source Energy.

    That is why we are not here to tell you what to do or give you a list of rules to follow, and we are here to help you discover what is within yourselves to help you forgive, love, heal and have compassion. And we want you to know that you would only incarnate there on planet Earth if you had some level of mastery that you have already attained, because you knew how challenging it would be and you knew that others would be put there just to push your buttons. 

    You knew that people would disagree with people on very important topics, and you knew that it would then become your task to love them anyway and see the Source Energy within them, and that is your task at this time, no matter who you are or who you’ve been. And trust us when we say that you will be getting there. You will be getting to that place where you can see the perfection in all and in everyone, and you can live your lives accordingly and let everyone else live theirs as well.

    We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

    Daniel Scranton 

    The Growing You

    The Growing You The Creator Writings Channel: Jennifer Farley   Posted on April 22, 2024     Are you ready to have a peaceful life? A...